Steve’s Cheat Sheet humble beginnings

Steve’s Cheat Sheet was created in 2005 out of a need to be better prepared on draft day when my son was 5 years old and wanting to go with me to my hockey pool. Knowing my attention might not be completely focused on my draft selections, while my son was nearby; I studied and prepared a cheat sheet of my personal rankings and a cross reference sheet to find players quickly in the magazines I regularly used on draft day. A friend saw the draft sheet and said he would pay to use a copy. We both did very well in the pool with him winning that year and he wanted me to make a cheat sheet for future drafts too.Thus Steve’s Cheat Sheet was founded.

Over the next 5 years I created a cheat sheet annually which included 240 Forwards, 60 Defensemen, and 50 Goalies and sold it to more and more friends and family each year. Those using Steve’s Cheat Sheet were more successful than they had ever been in their previous hockey pools. In 2010 after a lot of encouragement from my friends and family I decided to sell my cheat sheet online and Steve’s Cheat Sheet website was created.

My first website was very basic but I was still surprised by the response and my very first online customer still comes back every year. Since 2010 Steve’s Cheat Sheet has evolved and improved. I have taken an Excel course and now provide an Excel version which allows customers to customize their cheat sheet to suit their particular hockey pools. It also allowed me to provide a lot more statistics and information that didn’t fit on a simple PDF. My desire to continuously improve on the cheat sheet led to a recent interest in advanced stats and I attended a seminar for advanced stats in Calgary hosted by Rob Vollman which has given more depth to my player projections.

I grew up playing many sports and I am an enthusiastic sports fan, participating in many different fantasy sport pools. I have been running my own hockey pool for over 20 years and enjoy working on what I have come to call my labor of love (Steve’s Cheat Sheet).

I am always interested in talking NHL hockey so feel free to contact me through the website if you have any questions or suggestions for Steve’s Cheat Sheet or even if you just want to talk hockey.

Steve Carriere



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Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Sample

Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Sample

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Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Reviews