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Whether you are a regular poolie, or a newbie, Steve’s Cheat Sheet is the perfect reference tool to help pick the BEST possible team for your hockey pool! Read some of Steve’s hockey pool cheat sheet reviews.

After being involved in a hockey pool for over 25 years with inconsistent results I started using Steve’s Cheat Sheet 5 to 6 years ago. Since then I have always been in the money with the exception of one year where I ended 4th by 1 point on the final day of the season. I highly recommend Steve’s Cheat Sheet especially if you don’t follow hockey like the die hard poolers do.Rick F.
Going on three consecutive years now using this sheet for drafts. Always in the top three with several outright wins. There’s no magic to it; get the excel format, scrap the stats you don’t want and use it as a rough guide. It’s not a cheat- its just that someone has gone and done some good solid across the board stats research for you. Who’s got that kind of time?Roger That
Over the last 3 years, I have been using Steve’s Cheat Sheet when I was looking for an edge on my fellow players. In that time, I have entered 6 different pools (2 a year.) I have finished first 3 times, and in respectable finishes for the others. There is simply no better tool than Steve’s Cheat Sheet. I buy about 2-3 magazines which give me the detailed background on players, which is critical. Supplementing these sources with Steve’s Cheat Sheet is an amazing compilation that is vital to all poolies, regardless of how competitive your pool is. Want to ensure you do the best in your pool? Consider Steve’s Cheat Sheet!Shammy
I used Steve’s Cheat Sheet last year and I won my pool…750$$$ But of course I did also use my common sense. It does really help you make great decision on your poolDave C.
I have used Steve’s Cheat Sheet for 3 years now finishing 3rd, 2nd, and finally 1st last year. It is definitely a must have for all hockey pools.Shawn
This is the third year I will be using Steve’s list. I have finished in the top three in six pools over that time. Two were firsts , three seconds and one third. I find it excellent, to have the player rating from all the books in one place makes my research easy. Thanks Steve for all your hard work.Andy
Another hockey season put to bed and with two firsts a third and fourth place in my pool, i owe it all to Steve’s Cheat Sheet with all the information you need at your finger tips all you have to do is make the right picks, thanks again Steve for all your help and hard work…Dennis
Being a “poolie newbie”, the guys at work were more than happy to let me in the company pool and “take my money”. However they were quite disappointed when I “took their money” by finishing second using Steve’s Cheat Sheet. This year I’m gunning for first, all while using Steve’s Cheat Sheet!Janet
I have researched,planned and prayed for 15 plus years in the same 200 team hockey pool; I had never broken the top 20% in the final standings until last year, for the first time I placed 6th! If it wasn’t for that darn Corey Perry and Teemo Selanne getting hot, I would have won the whole thing. Nevertheless a whole season on being in the top 5 baby!! Going to purchase this years STEVE’S CHEAT SHEET for SURE!!Dave P.
Hi Steve: I can’t believe how helpful your Pool Guide, ‘Steve’s Cheat Sheet’ is, the best I have ever used. I won the pool last year, for the first time. I’ve been in this pool for the past 15 years. I would recommend it to anyone, it saves days of analyzing. Your picks are great, Many, Many Thanks.Lorne
Thanks Steve, I loved the cheat sheet!  It made draft day easy … all I had to do was show up with your cheat sheet and my money.  I strongly recommend this for anyone entering a hockey pool.Eldon


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Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Sample

Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Sample