Steve’s NHL Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Overview

The ultimate hockey pool cheat sheet. Steve’s Cheat Sheet shows Steve’s rankings and projections and where a player can be found in the top hockey magazines to speed research during your hockey draft.

No more buying multiple magazines and spending relentless hours comparing the data yourself. Steve’s already done the homework for you!

Whether you are a regular poolie, or a newbie, Steve’s Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet is the perfect reference tool to help pick the BEST possible team for your hockey pool!

Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Reference Sources

See below last seasons cheat sheet. Hover over the document to see page flipping menu options located at the bottom of the pdf. **Scroll To Bottom To Flip Pages**

Steve's Cheat Sheet 2015 - Oct 3


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This is the third year I will be using Steve’s list. I have finished in the top three in six pools over that time. Two were firsts , three seconds and one third. I find it excellent, to have the player rating from all the books in one place makes my research easy. Thanks Steve for all your hard work.Andy


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Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Reviews

Hockey Pool Cheat Sheet Reviews